She dropped as softly as a star

And morn should beam

An island soul to sea

The earth and I, alone

The hills undress

If as days decline

In a serener bright

The ebbing day

The summer of the just

Days departing tide

The tidy breezes

Who’s leaf is ever green

Pink shadow

Whether to isles enchanted

The unsuspecting trees

Prodigal of blue

Evergreen blue

Night did soft decend

Night is the mornings canvas

Gathered from the gales

Saves she all that for sunsets

Only a breeze will sigh

Of a tint so lustrous meet

Sinking down in its tranquility ii

West against an evening sky

Beacon Still

Cadmium bay

Perched in blue

Mermaid pool pink

Wider than the sky, deeper than the sea

White clay peak

Where shadow falls

The weakening eye of the day

The gentleness of heaven broods oer the sea

The boarders of this paradise

Takes no heed of the moon

Sinking down in its tranquility

Of long surf breaking

Its amber revelation

Ever serene and fair

Claire de lune

The everlasting ocean rolls

Sweet and ancient shade

Winters tempest to withstand

An island pine

Clouds pass above her head

Blue hills blue

Prussian pine

Owl echo

Green island yellow

Robe of Verdure

Green island pink

Lonely lifted to the sky


Monterey and shadow

Yet still the unresting castles thresh

Wandered further than I thought

Steep climbs wild seabirds cry

Standing alone

Polberro Sunday


Of fog the trees

Leafed brushed air ii

Lagooned in gold

In the bare moonlight

In all my dreams

Beacon Road

Bawden West

Above the dawn mist

There she is


The shoreless ocean

Godrevy calm

The tide arrives

Light absents the densest pine

The last glimmer of sunset

The tide is low, the moon is fair

Can you see the sea

In fading light the seabirds come

The leaf brushed air

See the blue sky blue

The bay north

Tops of moonlight

West track

West heart black

Trevellas West

Trevellas Path

Trevaunance mist

The Bay

Spring swell

Quay tops

Quay Steps again

Out from Polberro

North coast settle

Morning light between squalls

Moonlight Bay

Jericho Cadmium

Childrens, Star, Green

Chapel Valley

Bay Pine

Bay Glimmer

Field boat blue

Dusk West

Beacon Pine iii

Wednesday Buoy

Cumulous Pine II

Back to Chapel

Stratacumulous II

Beacon Blue

Night Pine

Cross the Field II

Copse at Blue Hills

Quay Top Green

The Warm Bay

Summer Squall

Twighlight Blue on Gray Road

Atlantic Harvest

Harvest Squall

Twighlight Copse

Blue Hills to Follow the Sea

Salt Laden Towards the Shore

The Country Road

Tops of moonlight

Amble or till

Valley Copse

Canopies of Rust

Autumn Solitude

Strata II

Moon Mist


The Bay Pink

Monteray at Wheal Kitty

The Low Clouds

Cumulous Pine II

Walk Home

Beacon Pink

Quay Tree

Golden Tops

Field Boat II

Midnight Moonlight

Moon Mist

Jericho Pink II

Silent Dusk

Running with Flo

Top of the Valley

Gold Pine and Shadows

Valley Eve

Cadmium Pine II

Blue Trevellan



Westerly branch

Wanton Winds

To Waterlane i

Prussian Point

Winter Birch

Together Bay

The Low Clouds

Summer Steep ii


Quay Steps yellow

Promise of Daffodils

Lapwing ii

Jericho Pine

Field Boat

Curlew Pines

Cumulous Pine

Cottage Bay

Cligger Dusk

Chough Bay

Beacon Pine i

Beacon Alto ii

Barcla Trevellas

Beacon Swell

Cadmium Plough

Cornish Moon

Hurly Trees II

Jericho Plough

March Dusk

Night Dew

Quay Steps

Shadow of Starlings

Steep Holly

Stills the Wind

Tempestous West

To Porth

Trevellas Pass

150617 Kerry Harding

150617 Kerry Harding

Barcla Dor

Beacon Carn

Dawn Mist II

Gweal Showers



Newans Tree II

Shelter II

Through Pink Croft

Trevellas Glare

Trevellas Yellow

Beacon Gorse II

Blue Bridge


Hurley Trees II

Pink Plough

Quay Step

Sea Cloud

After Rain

Atlantic Calm


Bawden Cove

Beacon Gorse

Chapel Pink II


Dawn Rain

Friday Dusk

Goonlaze Dusk


Sunday Dusk

Trevellas North


Beacon Pine

Cross Combe

Cross the Field I

Dusk Bridge


Jean’s House


Leaving Trevaunance

Look West

Mary’s House

Night Chapel

Prussian Chapel

Shadow of Starlings II


To Water Lane III

Beacon Squall I

Blue Cloud Field

Blue Hills II

Cadium Plough

Daffodil Bridge

Newhams Tree

Night Pines

Quay Step

Sarah Violet

Sleep Pink

Autumn Furriows

Drowned Springtime

Light Breaks

Rain of Smoke and Ochre

Painting 3

Painting 2

Painting 1